Meet Kristen, the Woman Behind Kiss of Silk

   Hey Everyone! I’m Kristen, the founder & CEO of Kiss of Silk. Back in 2017 as a highschool senior, Kiss of Silk was started to fix my own skin struggles. I had anxiety about what was “actually” in my daily care products, from deodorants to soaps, skin moisturizers , perfumes & even wax melts to scent your home. My skin is extremely sensitive & all of the products that claimed to be helpful would create painful acne & dark marks-leaving my skin feeling dry, irritated & inflamed. Perfumes that smelled so amazing would break me out so bad & completely crushed my confidence *sigh*. I constantly tried products just to get negative reactions & reading ingredient lists that were filled to the brim with unnecessary gunk like parabens, carcinogens, irritants & so much more ; I knew I wouldn’t find anything that I would be 100% confident using on myself, so I told myself, “I’ll create my own products”.
I got to work with researching constantly until my head & eyes hurt, taking simple, but such skin loving ingredients that I had in my home, like Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Green Tea & Cane Sugar to create my first products : a Body Butter & Sugar Scrub. My sensitive skin & I immediately fell in love, I tossed all of my irritant filled commercial products & never looked back. It wasn’t much but this created the foundation of Kiss of Silk. 

     Fast forward to now (writing this in 2024), I now offer a HUGE array of plantbased + hand-curated products:  Skincare, Feminine care, deodorants, parfums, cosmetics & wax melts. I have a dream of continuously expanding & becoming one of the largest plantbased & health oriented brands. I love sharing my story origin & can’t wait to continue this journey with you all! Thanks for being a part of the Kiss of Silk Community!